Thursday, 3 September 2009

Bento Cafe, you fell off

On to the primary reason for my blogs existence: Green Tea Ice Cream. Yum.
Each time I go to a new restaurant that serves it I will give a small review here. Firstly I will start with Bento Cafe, in Camden Town, as that is the first place I ever ate it.

The first time I had Green Tea Ice Cream here, it was delicious. It tastes a bit like green tea, slightly bitter quite a flat taste, but also has lots of sugar, so is incredibly sweet, and also is very cold, totally unlike green tea. It is an acquired taste, and I know may people who don't like it. Bento's GTIC was clearly not machine made. It usually had very small ice crystals in it, so was very smooth, but was not mixed well, so although very dark and uniform in colour, sometimes there would be very bitter lumps of powder that had not dissolved. I loved that.
Sadly recently, it has not been so good. Last two times I had it there, it has tasted sour, like it had been made from off milk. It made me feel so ill, I'm not sure why I finished it. I think this is representative of a more general decline in the quality of Bento. The service started getting terribly about a year ago, the waiters and waitresses were very rude, and the free tea refills more and more sporadic. I have been going there regularly (Sometimes more than once a week) for over 4 years now, and my partner even longer than that. We are recognised as frequent customers, but still, they have been curt to say the least.
The sushi is still quite good, but the length of time that the food takes to arrive seems to get longer each time we go, so I have decided not to go back. As a delivery place, they are still quite good, and if you are only going in for a quick (although that may not happen) sushi then I still recommend it, but it is sadly not the best Japanese restaurant in London any more.

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